New Method Apps

2 New Method Apps Released - Method Expense Reports & Method Professional Services for QuickBooks! 

Today is a big day!   Not only are we releasing one exciting new Method App out of beta, but two!  If you’ve been patiently awaiting the out-of-beta launch for either Method Expense Reports or Method Professional Services, then today is your lucky day!


 Method Expense Reports for QuickBooks

Hats off to Danny for developing this easy, yet impressive expense app.

Method Expense Reports provides a fully customizable way to quickly enter expenses, create expense reports, submit reports for appropriate approval and send reports to QuickBooks in real-time, from the web.  This app’s core features include:

• Access expense and QuickBooks data online
• Pre-configured employee roles
• Employees: enter, create and submit expense reports
• Managers: review, accept/reject reports
• Administrators: seamlessly send expense reports to QuickBooks
• Set up category and payment types with default expense accounts and classes
• Customize screens and reports

To view the full list of Method Expense Reports features, videos, and pricing information, click here. 


 Method Professional Services for QuickBooks

A round of applause for Val who spent countless hours creating this Professional Services app.

Method Professional Services provides an accurate yet simple, customizable approach to tracking time, expenses, budgets / contracts and sends all transactions to QuickBooks in real-time, from the web.  Some key features include:

• Record time and expense entries to maximize billable time
• Enforce budget / contract preference
• Time & Expense approval process
• Accommodate planned and ad-hoc services
• Seamlessly send transactions to QuickBooks in real-time
• Record expense entries sent to QuickBooks as Bills or Checks
• Customizable screens and reports

To view the full list of Method Professional Services features, along with pricing, click here.